Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

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Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales

We’re authorized retailers for a multitude of fire extinguisher brands including Amerex, Badger, Buckeye, and Ansul. Specializing in the healthcare industry and high-rise office buildings, our fire extinguisher sales department ensures that your fire extinguishers are delivered to your business at a scheduled date and time. RAEL fire extinguishers are new, dated, tagged and ready for immediate use. As members of the NYC Fire Safety Directors Association of Greater New York, NFPA, and NAFED we’re the first to let you know about any change in Fire & Life Safety regulations that will impact your organization.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

Our fire extinguisher programs are specific to your city and state. We maintain a legal register of all new requirements that come into effect, notifying our customers immediately. All RAEL Fire Extinguisher services are strictly completed by the guidelines set forth in the NFPA 10 Standard. These include:

  • Test, inspect and maintain fire extinguishers to NFPA standards including 6 year maintenance and 12 year hydrostatic testing to ensure the integrity of your fire extinguisher’s shell.
  • Recondition Fire Extinguishers for Construction Sites
  • Kitchen Hoods

RAEL uses authentic, certified parts for the servicing of your fire extinguishers. We inspect for damage and corrosion, or any defective parts that may hinder the operation of your fire extinguishers.

Emergency light testing

During building emergencies when a power outage may occur, it’s extremely important to ensure that all of your emergency lighting is operating correctly to illuminate the only path of egress your staff has available.

We conduct monthly 30/60 second testing of battery operated exit signs and emergency corridor lighting, along with annual 90 minute testing. Your battery operated lights receive a sticker verifying our testing and inspection dates.

Simultaneously, our emergency lighting inspection reports identify any exit lights that may be deficient with a recommended plan for improvement.

RAEL is fully stocked with replacement parts and batteries to ensure your business is not left in the dark.

Fire drills & training

RAEL has been conducting fire drills and fire extinguisher training for over 80 years. We can train your staff on the use of fire extinguishers using the PASS procedure and we can specifically design training to meet your needs.

We are experienced in training staff, students and seniors at schools and daycare centers in all aspects of fire and life safety. Live extinguisher use is carried out using simulated digital fire displays, with no actual flames spread or danger of burns.

Are you compliance-REDi?

State and local regulatory agencies require your facility to keep inspection records on-site with varying record retention periods. RAEL’s REDi technology platform digitizes service validation delivering compliance guidance and support to our field service personnel while providing our clients with unsurpassed visibility into their equipment and the inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair services we provide.

The REDi equipment tagging program uses NFC technology to provide detailed digital inspection reports. These contain all pertinent fire extinguisher information, including building location, serial number, pass/fail status, chemical type, weight, and last hydro-test or 6-year maintenance conducted.

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New VP of Client Relations

Nov 2020 – Peter Calandra Joins the RAEL Team to focus on Customer Success

November 2020


New VP RAEL Technologies

Nov 2020 – Michele Champion joins the RAEL Team to focus on the REDi Platform