Commercial Facilities Solutions

Facilities Maintenance is now a health and safety issue.

The REDi Disinfection Program provides comprehensive disinfection programs to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all who visit, work and live at your locations. RAEL helps customers design and implement strategies and best practices to mitigate biorisk and to develop long-term recurring yet affordable disinfection service plans. Contact us to learn more about our commercial facilities solutions.


Our RAEL-REDiSM equipment tagging program uses the latest asset tagging technology enabling Rael Fire employees to conduct your fire extinguisher inspections and provide a detailed report with all pertinent fire extinguisher information including building location, serial number, pass/fail status, chemical type, weight, and last hydro-test or 6 year maintenance conducted.

State and local regulatory agencies require your facility to keep inspection records on site with varying record retention periods. Rael Fire provides real time compliance tracking and reporting with your inspection records and documentation reports delivered on the same day that service is conducted.



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Nov 2020 – Peter Calandra Joins the RAEL Team to focus on Customer Success

November 2020


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